Policy with relating to personal data processing

  1. General provisions. The presented policy governs the algorithm and rules for personal information processing. The current law has become the key factor when making up the policy. The policy defines the algorithm for personal information processing as well as measures for insuring the security of personal information at EvilBtc.com (further herein to be referred to as the Operator).
  2. Operator’s key mission is in full confidentiality and protection of all the human being and citizen rights (irrespective of whether it is personal, family or private sphere). The Operator provides for strict immunity within the frames of performance of its functions.
  3. Within the course of information processing (further herein to be referred to as the Policy) with respect to a web-site Visitor and Guest https://EvilBtc.com the Operator shall perform its functions in accordance with the rules described in the Policy. The presented paragraphs refer to each material which the Operator obtains at performing its function.
  4. Key names used at carrying out functions by the Operator
  5. Automated processing of information about an individual - processing of personal information which implies the use of the computer.
  6. Locking of individual materials - stop of obtaining, classifying, saving, consuming and transmitting personal information for a definite period.
  7. Web-site means a combination of logically interconnected platforms. They cover graphic and reference resource for computers and information system which guarantees their penetration to Internet’s web, basing on server address https://EvilBtc.com.
  8. Information system of data about a person consists of individual materials and resources which are required for performing various manipulations.
  9. Deindividualisation of personal information - manipualtions according to which it is impossible to define to which subject information belongs without applying auxiliary materials.
  10. Processing of individual materials is a complex of activities which are carried out with the use of process automation. The following is referred thereto: obtaining, saving, sorting and classification, registration, amendments which, in their turn, can be in a form of update or adjustment, sampling, application, dissemination, access and transfer, locking, depersonalisation, destruction and erasure of personal information about an individual.
  11. The Operator is a state authority, local government body, an individual or a legal entity, severally of jointly performing processing of individual materials. Its mission is to determine the sense of processing, structure of personal data and manipulations to be performed with personal information.
  12. Personal data – the materials and/or their aggregate about a person, which to certain extent concern the User https://EvilBtc.com.
  13. User means each Guest of the network address https://EvilBtc.com.
  14. Provision of personal information - activities due to which individual materials become known to one or several persons.
  15. Dissemination of personal information means manipulations according to which the subject gives his consent to transfer of information about him. Obtained material may be made public in Mass Media, available to an unlimited number of people and/or placed in multimedia resources.
  16. Cross-border transfer of personal data about an individual means dissemination of personal information to foreign countries, including authorised persons of another country.
  17. Destruction of individual materials means any manipulation according to which the complete material is irretrievably erased. Given that, all the material media on which the resource about the User is stored and maintained, shall be deleted.
  18. The Operator may perform processing of User personal information which includes the following definitions
  19. Proper name
  20. Home address.
  21. Phone numbers.
  22. Electronic wallet, including cryptocurrency domains.
  23. Safe-deposit box or bank account.
  24. With the help of multiple services (Yandex.Metrics, Google Analytics, etc.) within the frames of its activity the web-portal carries out obtaining and processing of personal information which is deprived of a distinctive feature and may belong to any person having a right thereto.

All the mentioned information within the frames of Policy wording are integrated into “Personal data” term.

  1. Goals and objectives of personal data processing
  2. The objective for User personal data processing is the User’s access to the information available at the web-site, notification, reminder of any information materials, mailout of messages concerning information of platform functioning. 
  3. According to its duties the Operator may send to the User information about setting up a new product or a service to be provided by the web-site. It may inform about unique promo offers and notify of upcoming events. If the User does not want to receive such information from the Operator it is sufficient to send an electronic message to [email protected], specifying in the letter: “Rejection of notices”.
  4. Personal information which is deprived of a distinctive feature and may belong to any person who has a right thereto and which was obtained by way of monitoring, represents a material about User’s behaviour at the platform, including all the movements and operations performed by him. In its turn, such information is purposed at improvement of web-site functioning and enables to replenish its composition. 
  5. Legal norms of user personal information processing
  6. Operator’s access to User’s personal data is performed only after the User on a stand-alone basis has given his consent thereto, filled-in a form and sent it at https://EvilBtc.com. When filling-in the form available at https://EvilBtc.com and sending personal information to the Operator the User thereby, agrees to the Policy, gives his consent to processing of sent material.
  7. The Operator performs processing of personal information which is deprived of a distinctive feature and may belong to any individual entitled thereto if User’s Web browser allows so. The User must activate such feature in the settings: switch-on of Cookies saving and application of JavaScript.
  8. Organisation of manipulations to be performed with User individual materials.Confidentiality of personal information which the Operator owns shall be carried out according to all the requirements of legal, informational and technical bases. Those bases have been developed within the frames of country legislation in the sphere of protection of personal information about the User.
  9. Operator’s obligations include integrity of all the information obtained about the User within the frames of above specified security measures. Exclusion is the authorised persons to whom the Operator is entitled to provide data they are interested in, given that there are documents supporting their right.
  10. Unless it is required by the current law, all the cases when the Operator may transfer personal information about web-site User to a third party, are excluded.
  11. If corrections and adjustments were made in User’s personal data, he must inform the Operator thereof using [email protected], having specified a mark “Update”.
  12. The period of User personal information processing is not limited. If due to specific circumstances the User wants to restrict Operator’s access to his personal information he must send to the Operator an electronic message to [email protected], having specified “Revocation of consent”.
  13. Conclusion
  14. Via electronic mail [email protected] the User can communicate with the Operator; given that, the User can receive answers to the questions he is interested in or make corrections in the process of personal information processing, within the frames of the Law without breaching the Policy.
  15. The specified source will contain the complete information concerning corrections in the Policy of processing of information about a person up to the moment of creation and introfuction of its new version, about which the Operator will notify the User via electronic mail.
  16. Read the current version of the Policy of processing of personal information here https://EvilBtc.com/rules.html.

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