User Agreement

1. General provisions

1.1. This Agreement sets out the regulations and conditions for rendering Services by Service.

1.2. is a hardware and software service located in the Internet. Find it here

1.3 Administration of web-site is an entity which provides services of granting the access to Service.

1.4. The Customer is the person who wants to use Services.

1.5. and the Customer are the Parties.

1.6. Each Party agrees that this Agreement in an electronic form has equal legal force as the Agreement in a written form.

1.7. This Agreement should be deemed as concluded on the basis of public offer conditions which the Customer accepts during submission of an application at web-site for the purpose of using the Services being rendered by this Service.

2. Subject Matter of the Agreement

2.1. provides Services to the Customer (p. 4 of the Agreement) under the rules (p. 5 of the Agreement) at performance of obligatory conditions (p. 9 of the Agreement).

2.2. The Customer shall use the services provided by and shall pay for them under terms and conditions as specified in this Agreement.

3. Obligations and rights of the Parties

3.1. undertakes to:

3.1.1. Provide the Customer with Services on electronic currency exchange in the following payment systems: Capitalist, Advanced Cash and similar ones, as well in such cryptocurrency systems as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT, etc. This shall be carried out subject to procedure and rules of this Agreement.

3.1.2. Provide the Customer with required advice, as well as technical support which is related to application of the Services, to their rendering by The support is realised via an online chat or using electronic mail.

3.1.3. Keep information in secret which implies its non-disclosure to third parties in exchange operations, as well as personal data of Customers. The following provisions should be specified as exceptions:

- upon a lawful ruling of a court which is located at the place of owner’s residence;
 - upon a lawful request from authorised bodies at the place of owner’s residence.

3.1.4. Transfer money to the customer or to third parties to specified payment details not later than 48 hours after the Customer has lodged a claim that he has not received money in the situations specified herein.

3.2. Obligations of the Customer:

3.2.1. Specify correct and exact payment details which refers not only to its details, but also to third party details.

3.2.2. Specify a working, exact and trustworthy electronic mail account.

3.2.3. Track working condition of its electronic mail account, PC, antivirus software.

3.2.4. Perform all the specified paragraphs of this Agreement.

3.2.5. Notify Administration of Service of absence of full or partial crediting of funds to the payment details specified by the Customer as a result of carried out exchange. As well, Administration should be notified of absence of funds crediting in the situations specified in p. 5, not later than 14 days after the funds have not been credited. Otherwise, those funds shall be transferred to disposal of Service.

3.2.6. During carrying out of its actions not to violate state laws of the country where the Customer resides. This concerns the use of Exchange services with the help of

3.2.7. If due to specific reasons (system errors) an amount exceeding that specified in the application is transferred to the customer, same will have to return those funds to the Service.

3.3. Administration of possesses the rights to:

3.3.1. Stop Service operation for technical update or liquidation of errors in the work.

3.3.2. Abort actual exchange if a lawful inquiry from authorised bodies or a user claim of a fraud act has been lodged. A transaction shall be suspended for a period of investigation of circumstances.

3.3.3. Not to render services to each Customer, without specifying a reason.

3.3.4. Trace the history of incoming of the cryptocurrency upon which the exchange is carried out. If doubtful previous transactions have been detected Administration may refuse to carry out Customer’s exchange without return of a commission fee. Suspicion is assessed by Service Administration.

3.3.5. Verify Customer’s involvement in carrying out an electronic exchange operation with the help of: electronic mail, digital wallet screenshot, control call. This is performed in the case if an exchange operation ended up with an error.

3.3.6. Terminate discussions or correspondence with the Customer if the latter behavious rudely, abuses officers, uses swear words, as well as if his questions do not concern operation of support service. The same refers to the cases when he does not reply to the questions asked by the support service officers.

3.3.7. Block an exchange operation under p. 5 of the rules for electronic currency exchange.

3.3.8. Block and not return money to the Customer until his identity has been verified.

4. Services provided

4.1. renders the following types of services: exchange of electronic currency, in particular, cryptocurrencies Tether USDT, Ethereum and Bitcoin and similar, money of various payment systems with the use of the banks which are specified at web-site. 

4.2. is not involved in verification of lawfulness and legality of funds owning by the Customer; but it is involved in verification of the history of origin of cryptocurrency which is used in the exchange operation. The Service may reject an exchange operation under p.3 of the Agreement.

5. Rules for electronic currency exchange

5.1. General regulations for exchange of any money specified at the web-site:

5.1.1. An exchange operation should be deemed started at the moment when has received from the Customer the whole amount for a specific exchange operation.

5.1.2. An exchange operation should be deemed completed when has remitted to the Customer or to a third party the complete amount to be exchanged to the specified payment details.

5.1.3. An electronic money exchange operation cannot be cancelled once it has started. As well, funds cannot be returned if they have arrived for exchange.

5.1.4. may stop an exchange operation if from the Customer there was received not the amount specified during Service registration. After that, when the Customer refers to the Service on the grounds of p. 3 the company shall pay out the amount which corresponds to that which was factually remitted and calculated at the exchange rate which was at the moment of exchange procedure.

5.1.5. In a situation where the Customer specified blocked or ineffective payment details to which funds should have been remitted, may abort the exchange procedure. Further, from the moment of Customer’s recourse, on the grounds of p. 3 the company shall return money to the account from which it was remitted, subject to deduction of the commission fee of the payment system, as well as accrued fine in the amount of 5% of the transfer amount.

5.1.6. At a change of a note to the payment or in a situation where payment is carried out by third parties the Service may block the procedure being performed; and after the Customer has recoursed, on the grounds of p. 3 the amount will be returned subject to deduction of 5% from the amount of transfer as well as to the commission fee of payment systems.

5.2. Regulations for cryptocurrency exchange

5.2.1. During the exchange of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to other currencies the electronic mailbox as specified in payment details must be available to the Customer. 

5.2.2. During automatic exchange of Bitcoin and money withdrawal to a bank card the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency shall be pegged from the moment when the transaction is generated in Bitcoin blockchain. The funds are sent after the first confirmation on network part.

5.2.3. During automatic exchange of USDT (ERC20) and Ethereum and money withdrawal to a bank card the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency shall be pegged from the moment when the transaction is generated in Ethereum blockchain. The funds are sent after the 12th confirmation on Network part.

6. Responsibility of each of the parties

6.1. Administration of Service shall not bear responsibility for and shall not compensate the losses which occur as a result of unauthorised (improper) use of the service. The same refers to Customer’s mistakes which same makes during filling-in of the exchange form. Administration shall bear no responsibility if money is sent to an account incorrectly specified by the customer. In such situation it will be impossible to return or exchange them back.

6.2. is not responsible for damage (loss) and/or costs which occurred as a result of impossibility by the Customer to use its equipment and/or its specific components and/or incomplete or complete non-operability of hardware and its components.

6.3. is not responsible for performed errors of omission, mistakes, payment delays which took place in banks and in electronic payment systems.

6.4. is entitled to specify the exchange rate which will be most profitable for the company at a corresponding moment. Such exchange rate may differ or be relevant to the currency exchange rate which is available at various exchanges.

6.5. has a right of a repeated calculation of exchange rate based on an application submitted as of the moment of funds transfer to the Customer.

7. Modification of data

7.1. This Agreement may be amended and supplemented by administration. All the changes shall come into force at the moment of posting of this Agreement at

8. Force majeure

8.1. The Parties hereto shall not bear responsibility for failure to perform or for a delay in performance of their obligations on the basis of this Agreement and/or arrangements, as a result of occurrence of the circumstances which are referred to powers beyond party reasonable control. The following phenomena relate here: acts of God, acts of the regulatory or governmental bodies, wars, fire, floods, terrorist attacks, riots, civil unrests, hacker attacks, absence of power supply and failures thereof, problems with functioning of the Internet.

9. Obligatory terms for execution of exchange operations 

9.1. Using services of Service to perform unlawful money remittance, as well as for the purposes of fraudulent acts is not permitted. By using services of Service the Customer agrees that all the attempts of exchanging the resources which are characterised by doubtful origin will be followed by consequential prosecution to be carried out under the current Law of the country where the Customer resides at registration of Services.

9.2. Administration of service has a right to transfer information about payments to the bodies possessing corresponding powers, administrations of payment systems, persons affected by fraud, upon their demand. This is possible if a fact of unlawful acts can be proved.

9.3. The exchange shall be executed with the condition that the Customer withdraws money with the help of Service only from the personal electronic wallet. The Customer is responsible for methods of funds arrival to his wallet and for the sources due to which they have been transferred to the wallet. This is stipulated by the fact that verification of money origin by Service is impossible.

9.4. Service is not responsible for exchange in favour of third parties as executed upon Customer’s instruction.

9.5. The use of from the moment of pressing the “Create application” button implies that the Customer has accepted the requirements specified in the current Agreement.

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